Mix&Mingle recognises the diversity of flavours. And we celebrate the French savoir-faire by constructing a link with the most sensational cuisine from around the world. We offer a timeless, yet contemporary, experience to enliven the senses.

  • Our Promise: We aim to rewrite convention with our combination of passion and taste.

  • Our Team: We are a creative bunch, topped off with a sprig of madness. Along with an audacious chef, he takes you on an inspired journey with each of his dishes.

  • Our Values: Fusion, diversity and exchange are the essence of Mix&Mingle. This is an invitation to travel and discover new flavours from far-off places. This is why all of our creations respect culinary cultures and traditions, with the aim to provide an immersive experience. From spices and halal meat to our choice of marinades, nothing is left to chance. We can also provide gluten-free menu options. We invite everyone to gather around one of our dishes.